Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More April 15 Pictures!

Jenn over at Green Country Values has posted pictures from the Veterans Park Tea Party here.

Chris Medlock has some pictures from the Downtown Tea Party.

Bland Bridenstine has a bunch of photos from the downtown event and the Veterans Park event.

KRMG has some video from the LaFortune event, including some cool aerial video courtesy of SkyNews 6. If anyone knows about any other pictures, let me know, and I'll add that links well.

KFAQs Tulsa Tea Party page.

Sharp Right Turn attended the Downtown event, here are her pics and take on the Party.

And here is Jai Blevins, the Tulsa Organizer of all things Tea, and his summary.

And of course, my pictures from the Downtown Event

Link Love from Michael Bates! Blatesline has an excellent roundup of Tea Parties in Tulsa, State-wide and some national links as well. Thanks, again for the link.

Linked by Twana Blevins at Patriots for America, who also links over to some OKC coverage

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