Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Manifesto

Will Collier doesn't think it is enough to go and protest things that the Government is up to. No matter what the outrage, protest does no good.

But that isn't exactly what Will said. He said Protest alone isn't enough. He's right. You need a plan.

From Will Collier-

1. A moratorium on bailouts, whether for Wall Street bankers, General Motors, or the irresponsible guy down the street who "bought" too much house. "Failures must be allowed to fail."

2. Repeal of all "Stimulus" spending for the years 2011 and beyond.

3. Repeal of all "Stimulus" pet projects in 2009-2010 with no stimulative effect.

4. Defeat of the Obama 2010 budget, with a new budget set at 2008 levels plus inflation. We've already spent too much money that we don't have.

5. Defeat of any politician who voted for the February "Stimulus" bill.

6. Complete selloff and shutdown of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and an immediate ban on campaign contributions from both, as well as any other firm in Federal receivership.

It isn't enough to simply be angry, or to say "This isn't right". If we, as conservatives, take that route, we are no better than the leftists who shout and protest without making any suggestions to improve the situation. Code Pink comes to mind. Ready to protest any use of the Military, absolutely bankrupt and bereft of reasonable, logical ideas when it comes to confronting rogue regimes and terrorists. Maybe it's just me, but adding sanctions on top of sanctions that are already being worked around, corrupted, or outright ignored, is as effective as a House Ethics Committee Meeting.

It feels good to scream out "I'm mad as Hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!", but it isn't enough. It feels good to go to a protest, to be surrounded by like minded individuals, and while that helps, you can do more.

* If you can, donate.

Send money to the folks who voted against the monstrosity, and to the folks running against the ones who voted for it.

* Write to your Senators and Congressman.

Here in Northeast Oklahoma, our portion of the delegation seems to have their heads screwed on right about this one, for the most part. If, however, you are going to write them a letter critical of their actions, its more likely to not immediately head for recycling if you actually write a coherent statement, summarizing what you feel they did wrong, what you feel they should have done, and why they should have done it. Good or bad, you should write to them, it lets them know you are paying attention.

* Go to the Tea Party Protest.

As I said, get out with like minded folks. Its really easy, especially as a conservative, to feel like you are the only one frustrated by these things. The regular media certainly doesn't help. Take the original rounds of the Tea Party Protests, for example. Here in Tulsa, a city not know for protesting, we managed to get (according to the local radio station) 300-500 people. Dozens of other Protests across the country did as well, and in the case of St. Louis, significantly better. There was a remarkable lack of national coverage. On the other hand, get 40 acorns (and other associated nuts) to take a sponsored bus tour to AIG homes, and you could get hurt by the stampede of cameramen and reporters.

So, to sum up...

1. A moratorium on bailouts
2. Repeal of all "Stimulus" spending 2011 and beyond
3. Repeal of all "Stimulus" pet projects
4. Defeat of the Obama 2010 budget
5. Defeat of any politician who voted for the February "Stimulus" bill
6. Complete selloff and shutdown of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac



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