Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15 Tea Party Pictures

When I got there, about 45 minutes before it was scheduled to start, there was already a large crowd gathered. Full Disclosure, I am horrible at estimating these things, but I know there was already more people than at the March event, which had around 400 people.

So here is a crowd shot. As start time approached, more people, we eventually topped out around 1000 people...

Here is a shot of John Gibson, of Fox News, getting set up.
Chris Medlock, known rabble rouser and trouble maker. Just kidding, Chris is a former city councillor, and a great guy. He has done serious good work for the city of Tulsa.

Here is Jai Blevins. He is the primary organizer for the Tulsa Area Tea Parties. We're keeping him busy.

OK, very close to start time, above is Pat Campbell, the local Morning Drive host for KFAQ, and also Amber Newbold, who will sing the National Anthem.

And here is Amber singing, as we get started. She did great, by the way.

Jerry Robinson follows Amber with a Prayer

Here's Chris Medlock addressing the crowd. He stressed the importance of keeping informed (extremly challenging with the murky Tulsa politics) and getting involved. He also told people to join Facebook, and I'm not sure if I can forgive him for that. But he is right, the Conservative Movement needs to master the web, especially for organizing and getting the message out. The left has a certain advantage over us on that front.

Here's a better picture of Sally Bell.

Colin Hughes

And John Gibson, very happy to be in Tulsa.

Here is a crowd shot as Jai Blevins reads out some of the reaction he's received at the his Tea Party website

The Channel 6 Helicopter flew over head, their story can be found here.

That pretty much wrapped up the downtown party, and I scurried over to LaFortune Park to see what they where up to...

They had an excellent turnout, estimates of over 3200 people.

All in all, an excellent day for the Tea Parties in Tulsa.


  1. The TEA parties were co-opted by the radio stations and Republican party (remember Bush and Sullivan gave us rampant spending leading to the Dems takeover). When Medlock gave a boost to Sullivan (God! I love that man!) we had lost our independence. Sullivan had voted for the Medicare Prescription Drug bill, the TARP bailout, increased spending for AmeriCorps, the Central American Free Trade bill-after promising to NOT vote for it, and about every spending bill Bush and congress could come up with until they were ousted and NOW he says he is a conservative. This movement needs to avoid politicians like Medlock and Sullivan.

  2. Agree with the above comment about keeping the politicians out. Also, seems to me we should have ONE Tea Party at any given time in Tulsa. If we persist in having two Tea Parties because we have two conservative radio stations in Tulsa, I'm going to OKC for the next one. At least they get it together!

  3. I am soooo proud of Tula! Woo hoo. I will be back in the fall and I will take part of all those parties/activities!